Friday, March 8, 2013

Indoor Plants From Kitchen Scraps: The ‘Towering’ Radish...

Indoor Plants From Kitchen Scraps: The ‘Towering’ Radish:
In January, I shared with you my latest garden experiment; “An Unorthodox Winter Gardening Project”, which entailed growing indoor plants using kitchen scraps like garlic cloves, lentils, carrot tops, a sweet potato and a radish.  I enjoy garden projects – especially ones that you can do indoors during the winter months.
A couple of weeks later, all but one of my kitchen scraps was growing very well and my garden experiment was a success.  You can see how they looked just after 14 days after planting in my post “Indoor Plants From Kitchen Scraps” Success!”
What I was NOT prepared for was how huge one of my kitchen scrap plants would grow.
Here is a collage of what my radish plant looked like for the first 14 days…
Here is what it looks like just 6 weeks after planting…
Look how tall it has gotten!
I must admit that I had no idea that my radish would grow so tall.
The flowers are pretty – small and delicate.
All of my other kitchen scraps are doing well, but none has approached the status of my radish plant :-)


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