Sewing Projects

is an "ever growing" list 
prospective Sewing Projects....
A page for me to look at
to jog my memory
perhaps inspire me
to start sewing.
here goes:
(not necessarily in any order)

  1. Bird Quilt
  2. Birdies
  3. Craft Coat
  4. Doll or "stuffed" project
  5. Dolly Clothes
  6. Flickr Inspirations
  7. Gift Item
  8. Kumiko Sudo
  9. Monthly Hot Pad
  10. Monthly Quilt Mini
  11. Monthly Wire Mini
  12. Ondoori
  13. Saleable Merchandise
  14. Tilda
  15. Quilt Block of The Month
  16. Pirated Sewing Books ( bad Janet)
  17. Coffee and Crafts
  18. Pretty Little Sewing Books
  19. Grandkids ??